Your Membership

Your Membership

Anyone can shop at or utilize the various businesses of the Chéticamp Co-op, and anyone can become a member, but our members get perks.

For a one time investment of $25, you can become a member of Chéticamp Co-op!

Membership Means Ownership

Being a Member of a Chéticamp Co-op means that you are an owner of the organization, along with all the other members. As an owner, you have the ability to participate in the democratic decision-making process by asking questions, voting on resolutions, electing board members or even sitting on the Board of Directors yourself.

As owners, members of the Chéticamp Co-op also receive a portion of any profits earned by the co-operative association. Over the past five years, the Chéticamp Co-op has returned almost $6 million dollars to their members in yearly dividends. The amount members potentially receive is based on a percentage of their purchases throughout the year and how well the businesses perform. Every member has an equity account that grows over time. Decisions and policies on profit-sharing are made locally and vary between co-operative associations.

Your Chéticamp Co-op Membership has some great perks for you, but it also means you are joining a cooperative that takes care of your community.

What is a Member Number?

Your member number is the number used to associate you with your membership or ownership account. This is important when you shop at your cooperative as purchases made by you are tracked. In cooperatives, profit sharing is based on patronage, meaning members may potentially receive a percentage of profits back depending on how well the businesses perform throughout the year.

The only method we have to track these purchases is through your membership number, so keep it with you for your shopping!

Need help finding your membership number?