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Chéticamp Co-op Membership Policies

Last Updated October 2017

  • Each application for membership has to be accepted by the Board of Directors before an applicant is officially a member.
  • Each member is entitled to one share in the Co-op and therefore entitled to only one vote at membership meetings.
  • Membership in the Co-op is $10.00; however, a member can only withdraw dividends once member shares have reached $500.00.
  • Dividends are declared at the end of each fiscal period by the Board of Directors and the payout is done in the summer of every year.
  • If a member cancels membership in the Co-op for reasons other than moving, and wishes to become a member at a later date, that member will have to invest the same amount to become a member as what was received by the Co-op when membership was cancelled. In addition, if membership is cancelled before the dividend declaration date for the fiscal year in progress, the member will not be eligible for dividends for that year.